Moving During the Coronavirus Pandemic in Toronto – What You Must Know

For most people — relocating to a new place is not akin to a rosy walk in the garden. Moving to a new place amidst an on-going pandemic seems more tedious. You have to consider multiple factors when you plan to relocate during a pandemic situation, regardless of the destination. While hiring a professional agency offering movers and packers service in Toronto, Canada, can be helpful, you have to plan and prepare.

Think of the right timing

The lockdown induced by COVID 19 is being withdrawn gradually though the governments in some countries are re-imposing it. Analyze the situation in your place and the destination in this regard. Is it necessary to relocate now? If the situation is expected to get better in a couple of weeks, you may postpone your date or relocation. It is even more prudent if you have ailing or aged family members.

That will be easier for all parties involved. It is also necessary to learn about the additional documentation you may require for relocating during the pandemic to a new place.

Find the right packers and movers agency

Like many other businesses, the agencies offering movers and packers services in Toronto area have resumed operation. That is nice, but you still have to get your facts clarified. Ask the agency about operational limitations. It is necessary to know if they are covering your destination or not. Usually, this is included under essential services. It is also necessary that you perform a thorough background check on the agency offering these services. Use all the online resources you have in this regard.

Find what precautions are being taken by the agency

By default, the packers and movers agencies adopt adequate precautions to ensure the customer’s belongings and cargo are transported in the best manner to the destination. In the pandemic situation, they are covering health-related aspects too. They are likely to offer:

  • Virtual tour of your house instead of visiting in person.
  • Sanitization of trucks and other vehicles periodically.
  • Staffs wearing masks and using sanitizers from time to time.
  • Using virtual payment modes over cash.
  • Maintaining standard social distancing protocols during every phase of moving and packing.
  • Daily checking of health metrics including body temperature of their staffs.

How to prepare for the relocation

While the packers and movers agency will take care of your assets and furniture, you have to be prepared for the relocation. For this, you can do the following:

  • Use masks and gloves when you pack small items and boxes etc.
  • Complete packing on your part much before the packer and mover’s staffs arrive.
  • Stay away when they start packing and loading cargo.
  • Keep the pets and kids at a comfortable distance.
  • Wear a mask and keep sanitizer ready at all times.

Your woes of relocating amidst the pandemic are reduced when you hire a reliable and professional agency offering packers and movers service.

For a hassle-free experience, you can choose Let’s Get Moving!

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